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The Caffitaly system is an espresso pod machine system, similar to those from larger brands such as Nespresso and Tassimo. The Italian manufacturer packs 8g of fresh Italian ground espresso coffee in each capsule. It works on the same principle as Nespresso and Tassimo capsule systems, in which a sealed capsule containing a pre-measured amount of coffee is inserted into the machine, through which hot water is forced at high pressure into a coffee cup. The capsule can be disposed of easily once the coffee is made, and the machine requires little maintenance or cleaning. Unlike the bigger brands, the Caffitaly system allows independent roasters from around the world to put their own coffee into Caffitaly capsules. This allows you, the consumer, a greater choice of coffee and from a variety of roasters, and generally at a lower price than the major brands – all without any compromise on taste and choice. We are pleased to offer these capsules which are specifically compatible with Nespresso machines.

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